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PrivacyPhone Q & A


During the development stage we reached out to some current PrivacyPhone users to learn what questions or concerns they would have about this new proposed app and here is what we learned:



Q. Will it be easy to use?

A. YES. All you do is download the app which is free, select your number, subscription plan, supply your credit card number where requested for payment of the monthly plan selected and you are off and running. The App is free, but requires a subscription to be functional.


Q. What happens if the app is not open when I receive a call?

A. No problem. You will see the PrivacyPhone logo which tells you a call is coming in and you can answer it with just depressing one button. Or, you may choose to not answer it and it will go to voicemail.


Q. If I choose not to answer a call placed to my PrivacyPhone number, does the caller get sent to my regular cell phone voicemail?

A. If you activate the "call announcement feature" inbound calls to your PrivacyPhone number will go to a special voicemail controlled by the app, which you can tailor to your needs and only you can listen to them or delete them as needed, not your carrier or anyone else because they are not stored on your cell carrier's servers. With this feature set you will be given the option to either answer the call or send it directly to your special voicemail.


Q. Can anyone find out my name & address from my PrivacyPhone number like they can now from my cell carrier?

A. NO. It is impossible for any person or entity to determine who you are. You remain totally anonymous.


Q. Can I send and receive text messages using the PrivacyPhone app?

YES. However, you may send or receive messages between yourself and other app subscribers, since they are totally private & secure. Your carrier does not have the ability to view text messages as they can now.


Q. What information does the app need from my phone to operate?

A. The app may require access to your location so you are connected to the closest one of our servers to ensure the best call quality, and it will give you access to your contacts to make dialing easy.


Q. What number shows up on Caller ID when I make a call using the app?

A. Only your PrivacyPhone secure number never your reall cell number.


Q. Can I legally display any numbers other than my PrivacyPhone number when I make a call using the app?

YES. You will be given the ability to display any other telephone number that is billed to you as well as from a list of other numbers belonging to PrivacyPhone in different area codes . You may even display your home number, your business number, or even another cell number of yours when you make a call.


Q. Can I stop or reject calls coming in to my PrivacyPhone number?

YES. Since you will ALWAYS know the telephone number of the calling party, since they can no longer block their number from being displayed when calling, you can stop future calls with the touch of a button. You can even reverse the process and allow them to call again if you wish.


Q. Does the subscription cost a lot?

NO. Flat rate subscription plans are available between just $50 to $100 per month. No surprising extra costs-ever. The per month subscription fee is automatically charged to your credit card safely and securely by PayPal-the most trusted name in credit card processing.


Q. Do I have to keep my PrivacyPhone subscription for a long time like my cell phone carrier demands?

NO. You are not forced to keep your subscription for any length of time, there are no cancellation fees or penalties of any kind whatsoever. It is just a month to month agreement.

Q. Will using my assigned PrivacyPhone number instead of my actual cellular telephone number protect me from being tracked?

YES. Giving out your assigned PrivacyPhone number instead of your actual carrier assigned cellular number will prevent anyone from tracking your device.



We hope that the above questions were answered to you satisfaction. However, should you have some of your own, please click the button below and we will respond to your inquiry promptly.




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