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Bail Bond Agent Auto Attendant & Check In Line


As a bail bond agent you need to keep track of everyone that has been bailed out in an attempt to minimize losses paid for bond forfeitures.


PrivacyPhone has created a cost effective method to do just this and all at a flat monthly fee.




1. Your choose the day & time each defendant must call to check in whether it be daily, weekly, monthly, etc.


2. You choose whether to answer the calls or have the auto attendant answer, route and maintain a list of the telephone number(s) the defendant called in from, the exact date & time of the call as well as the message, if any, they left for you.


3. From your secure website you can view all telephone related information and even listen to the messages left 24/7. The caller cannot block his/her telephone number when calling.


4. PrivacyPhone can even provide you with an office auto attendant ( no need to change your number ) where it can direct calls to anywhere you choose since it can be customized to suit your needs.

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