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Our Mission

PrivacyPhone's mission is to protect your privacy,  keep your location unknown, and to promote "Peace of Mind" to our subscribers.


Our services are legally permissible in all states and allows you stop problems before they happen. Below you will find areas of concern that we have addressed:

Identity Theft Protection


Have you ever called an 800, 855, 888, or any other toll free number? 


Well, if you have, the person or business that owns that toll free number now has your home, business, or cell number used when you made that call. Since there are companies out there that make a living by supplying telephone number information you are now closer to being a victim of identity theft.


Here is just some of the information that can be secured from a telephone carrier by just having your telephone number:


  • The telephone carrier name & address

  • The billing name 

  • The Billing address

  • Date of Birth

  • Social Security Number


Keep in mind that the telephone carriers have implemented many steps in an attempt to keep your personal information safe, but due to the size of their employee base, it is impossible to be 100% effective due to the "human factor".


Personal Safety from Abusers & Stalkers


Were you in an abusive relationship that resulted in threats or actual violence? If so, PrivacyPhone has a solution for you.


As indicated above, sensitive information in the wrong hands is a very dangerous thing. PrivacyPhone will allow you to make telephone calls safely to your children, family and friends without having to worry that your real telephone number and location have been compromised. We can even provide you with an untraceable number allowing to receive calls all while remaining safe and sound at your location. 




Prevent Cell Phone Tracking


With technology progressing so quickly, hackers and others with bad intentions are always searching for ways to circumvent security protocols in systems designed to provide the current location of celllular devices.


The carriers have been very proactive in this area and the threat does not come from within their location platforms, but from those who have created cell  phone applications with malicious code that can cause your current location to be secured. These applications do not require the use of a carrier's cell network but work directly with the GPS capability of the cellular device. ALWAYS CHECK TO SEE THERE IS AN UNKNOWN APP INSTALLED ON YOUR DEVICE.


Freely giving out your PrivacyPhone number rather than your real cellular telephone number stops this ability for your device to be tracked-period.


Have you ever wanted to display a number other than your own home or cell number for the purposes of privacy?

Making anonymous telephone calls wthin the entire United States has never been easier or more affordable. PrivacyPhone will give you the ability to make and receive calls, remain totally anonymous, and perform this task in a legally permissible fashion.

PrivacyPhone is a leading reseller of local area code and toll free numbers that keep you safe.  No long term contracts.



                                                         NEED MORE INFORMATION ABOUT OUR SERVICES?

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