Price list

PrivacyPhone is a subscription based service with no long term contracts making it quite affordable and easy to use. 


Local Area Code numbers are charged at the flat rate of just $50.00 per month that will be charged to your credit card- UNLIMITED INBOUND AND OUTBOUND USAGE.


Premium numbers such as 866 & 877 toll free area codes are charged at a rate of $100 per month and include 8 full hours of inbound and outbound usage. 


In the event you require a premium number and you anticipate a usage rate higher than 8 hours per month, click this link, let us know your anticipated usage and we will create a plan that will suit your individual needs that will be affordable.


The above fee schedule applies to our normal service as well as for our app users.


You may download the FREE app below, but in order to make it functional, you must purchase a subscription. To do so click the Create New Account" button below.