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No App Required Solutions

PrivacyPhone Can Provide the Following Protection:


  • Unmask and display the telephone number of each and every caller even when they attempt to block it

  • Legally display a number on someone's caller ID other than your primary home or cell number


  • Block all unwanted inbound calls


  • Free -Optional User programmable auto attendant allowing you to pick and choose which calls to answer, send to voicemail or block from ever calling you back. Or, you can have the ability for all calls to ring right through.


  • Inbound and outbound call recording


  • Toll free numbers


  • Local area code numbers


  • All calls made will not appear on your itemized cellular bill


  • No long term subscriptions required


  • Works with any Cellular device.


  • Does not require an App



Please make note that it is suggested that you use your cellular device when using this service due to VOIP carriers recent change in call processing policy.



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